Artist’s creativity showcased in city

POTENTIAL PROJECTED: Millicent's Caroline Hammat attended the launch of her collaborative video production "Tracking" at Mount Gambier's Main Corner Complex on Friday night.
POTENTIAL PROJECTED: Millicent’s Caroline Hammat attended the launch of her collaborative video production “Tracking” at Mount Gambier’s Main Corner Complex on Friday night.

A PROJECTION inspired by an arts residency on the Limestone Coast will light up the Main Corner complex from dusk until dawn this month following the launch of “Tracking” on Friday night.

Tracking – a collaborative video production curated by Eleanor Scicchitano – included work from talented Millicent artist Caroline Hammat.

Ms Hammat produced four minutes and 15 seconds of video after learning new skills through a mentorship program with New South Wales artist Heath Franco.

“It was a challenging project because I haven’t really done anything like this before, I have done a little bit of animation in the past, but I haven’t used the software required for this project in probably 10 years,” Ms Hammat said.

“I spent the first part of the mentorship working with Heath to learn about the new software and that was probably the biggest hurdle, but I feel quite comfortable with the software now.”

After getting her head around the software, Ms Hammat was able to develop a piece, which encapsulated the Limestone Coast landscape and her fondest memories of living in the area.

“It is very much based around memories of growing up in the Limestone Coast,” Ms Hammat said.

“There are a lot of lost and found memories and objects in the four minute piece.”

Ms Hammat’s work was in collaboration with pieces from mentor Mr Franco and also Mount Gambier man Luke Pellen, with each drawing inspiration from the region.

“There are similar themes that run through all of them, but they are all quite different pieces and I think it works quite well they are all different,” Ms Hammat said.

“They all have a nod to the landscape, probably mine and Heath’s pieces are a bit about mythology and fantasy as well, so there’s things that connect them together, but they also stand alone as separate works.”

Dominique Angeloro, from international video art duo Soda_Jerk, opened Tracking at the launch and was blown away by Ms Hammat’s work.

“I’m just so in love with the way Caroline re-animated personal images and objects, giving them a new life in a new surreal narrative,” Ms Angerloro said.

On display to all Mount Gambier and the wider South East in the windows of the Main Corner complex for the next month, Ms Hammat said showcasing her work to such a wide audience was a daunting prospect.

“It has been at the back of my mind the whole process because it is quite daunting knowing just about everyone will see my work due to the visibility of this site,” Ms Hammat said.

“We are not projecting to just an art crowd, we are projecting to the general public, who are probably the harshest critics, so I probably have to grow a thick skin.”

Ms Hammat praised the mentorship of Mr Franco and encouraged others to jump at these opportunities when they are available.

“I would definitely like to do more video stuff and animation in the future if time permits as I have really enjoyed this project,” Ms Hammat said.

“If anyone else gets the opportunity, just go for it and I would really encourage others to take advantage of these opportunities when they come around.”