Twisted Threads encourage recycling

PACKED UP: The Twisted Threads recently donated a collection of material, fabric and craft supplies to op shops and schools across Mount Gambier. Picture: SUPPLIED

Tyler Redway

THE Twisted Threads are continuing to encourage people to donate their unused or leftover craft supplies to them so it may either be used or redistributed.

Twisted Threads member Julianne Woodruff said the group receives donations of anything related with textiles such as yarn, knitting needles, fabric and other materials used for craft at the Mount Gambier Library.

“We then look through it and what our members don’t use, we redistribute,” Ms Woodruff said.

“I think people love it because they know it’s not going to landfill, they know people will appreciate it and it will be reused, recycled or repurposed.”

Ms Woodruff said scarves, hats and even used in ‘yarn bombing’ – a colourful form of street art – could use recycled material.

“Some may be repackaged and given to schools, the library programs, or for hats and blankets,” she said.

“It goes far and wide but the point is it doesn’t go to landfill.”

She added the group had been recycling and redistributing the materials for about 10 years, where they started off with a little donation basket near the entrance of the Mount Gambier Library.

“When that totally overflowed, we then bought a larger basket and had it at the entrance to the library for a while,” Ms Woodruff said.

“I don’t know another formal group besides Twisted Threads that is actively and consistently accepting donations.”

Ms Woodruff mentioned the Twisted Threads also gives unused and spare material to places such as schools, library programs and op shops.

The group has also been known to contribute materials towards multiple Recycled Runway projects.

“It has gone around to the Anglican Belltower, where they can sell it for a very reasonable price so people can afford to make craft,” she said.

“The op shop then makes something out of it which goes to another charity.”