Dartmoor in top form

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See results from round 5 of the Naracoorte and District Hockey Association.

Under 9

Both an autumn chill and an energetic buzz were in the air as Kingston Lucindale Rangers and Dartmoor U9’s hit the pitch.

Despite some initial crowding in the midfield, amazing advances and quick turn overs by Kingston Lucindale resulted in two goals.

After half time, reenergised players stepped back onto the pitch with passion. Both teams tackled and passed well and Dartmoor was able to convert the quick passes to some goals of their own.

Overall, the game was very competitive.

It was pleasing to see some new players’ skills, like dribbling and tidy tackling, shine.

Under 13

Dartmoor 2 defeated Greenbottles White 0

Goal Scorers Dartmoor: Eddie Dolphin 2

Best Players Dartmoor: Ben Durik, Cooper Foale, Eddie Dolphin

Best Players Greenbottles White: Eliza Withers, Jada Copping, Alice Fry


What an even and hard-fought game this was.

Dartmoor scored first following a fantastic run down the field by Eddie Dolphin. Greenbottles White responded with some great passing through the centre culminating with a few short corners but were unable to score. Dartmoor scored again to finish the game 2-0.


Result Dartmoor 10 Defeated Tatiara 1

Goal Scorers Dartmoor: Jesse Lewis 2, Lochie Dolphin 2, Mason White 2 and Eddie Dolphin 4

Goal Scorers Tatiara: Michael Darbyshire

Best Players Dartmoor: Kendra Lewis, Grace Gale, Ben Durik

Best Players Tatiara: Hannah, Piper Michael


It was a fast-paced and exciting match. It took Dartmoor several tries to get past the Tatiara goalie with only two goals being scored in the first quarter.

These goals made Tatiara more determined than ever to score, bringing the ball into their attacking circle more often and forcing Dartmoor to be more strategic. Dartmoor were indeed more

strategic and scored more impressive goals before Tatiara made a run down the pitch to score a well-earned goal.

Dartmoor continued to add to their tally but despite some attacking play by Tatiara, they couldn’t add more to theirs.

Although the final score was 10-1, both teams played well.


Result Dartmoor 3 defeated Tatiara 0

Goal Scorers Dartmoor: Lucy Thomson 3

Best Players Dartmoor: Zoe Attwood, Lucy Thomson, Kelly Gale

Best Players Tatiara: Hannah, Sigourney, Olivia


It was a tight match under the lights on a cool Friday night. Both teams came out strong and the game was fast-paced.

Dartmoor then settled and took control, and were finally able to break Tatiara’s impenetrable backline to score the first goal.

Tatiara increased their pressure and their skills shone with some quick breaks. In the end, Dartmoor were able to round off the game with two more goals.

The game was certainly closer than the score line reflected.

Special mention goes to Lucy for a fantastic hat trick of goals for Dartmoor.

Also noteworthy is the incredible work of Sigourney in directing and defending the play so consistently for Tatiara.


Result Dartmoor 5 defeated Tatiara 1

Goal Scorers Dartmoor: Mason White 2 Jesse Lewis 1, Hamish McLachlan 1, Jack Thomson

Goal Scorers Tatiara: Nathan Pietsch

Best Players Dartmoor: Lochie Dolphin, Will Bayley, Jesse Lewis

Best Players Tatiara: Nathan Pietsch, Ben Darbyshire, Tom Gill


In perfect conditions for hockey, the game began at a fast pace.

Strong attacks by Tatiara were repelled nicely by Dartmoor (Darts).

The few attacks by Darts found their players in space and they were able to score twice in the first quarter.

Although both teams had chances to score in the second quarter, it was only Darts who followed up with another ball in the back of the net.

In the second half Tatiara began to tire while Darts, supported by their bench, continued to push.

But for the dogged defence of Tatiara the score would have been more.

Such determination saw one Tatiara player keep their eye so well on the ball they needed stitches in their brow.

The injury didn’t dent Tatiara’s energy as they continued to press and were rewarded with a late consolation goal.

Thanks to both teams for the great nature in which the game was played.