Queen remembered

Tony Pasin

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, our longest serving Sovereign and Australia’s Head of State will be remembered for her devotion and commitment to service.

A woman of immense grace and quiet dignity who vowed, at the tender age of 21, to dedicate her life to our service.

Her Majesty had great affection for Australia and her peoples, visiting sixteen times during her reign. Indeed, as a very young girl she once asked her Governess whether she would arrive in Australia if she dug down through the middle of the earth.

Her Majesty lived through the pivotal events over her 96 years – war and conflict, depression, recession and decolonisation. She witnessed the first man on the moon and the attainment of civil rights.

Queen Elizabeth led through immense global change and did it all with grace and dignity, remaining utterly devoted to God, her country and her subjects through every event.

As our second Elizabethan age comes to an end may Her Majesty’s extraordinary example of lifelong commitment to duty will continue to inspire us.

My thoughts are with His Royal Highness, King Charles III and his extended family as he leads our Commonwealth and the Royal family through this momentous time.

Long live the King.

Tony Pasin, Member for Barker