Early voters hit the booths

TAKING ADVANTAGE: Samantha Zaadstra said it was convenient to vote early.

MORE than 7000 Mount Gambier locals have already picked up a pencil at the polls, with early voting proving popular in the region.

As of Wednesday, 7266 people have voted at the Mount Gambier early voting centre, and 974 people hit the polls early in Naracoorte.

Casting her vote early in Mount Gambier on Wednesday was Samantha Zaadstra, who said she liked the convenience of early voting.

“I like to get it done and I knew who I wanted to vote for, so it’s not like I had to think about it any longer.”

Also voting early on Wednesday was Mount Gambier resident Jessica Flamank, who was voting for the first time in eight years.

She has been living in Canada and said she was happy to have her voice heard, although she labelled herself as a “little out of touch.”

“Seeing how Australia is presented in a different country and how that has been received, I personally don’t think Scott Morrison has been seen in the best light and I think that is why he will probably be leaving us,” Ms Flamank said.

While she believed incumbent Member for Barker Tony Pasin would be re-elected on Saturday, Ms Flamank said it may differ at the top level.

“Barker is a very safe Liberal seat and so I do think Tony Pasin will be re-elected but we never know what will happen as there might be some changes – there are always surprises,” she said.

“On a national level I think we will be seeing a change in government and I do think Scott Morrison will be leaving and we will see a new Prime Minister.”

Preferring the Australian voting system over Canada’s, Ms Flamank said she liked the idea of being able to have a say in all levels of government and believed all countries should adopt compulsory voting.