Former PM jets in

FLYING VISIT: Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott arrives at the Mount Gambier airport in the company of Barker MP Tony Pasin.

FORMER Prime Minister Tony Abbott flew into Mount Gambier this week for a whirlwind visit to rally Liberal supporters ahead of the Federal Election tomorrow.

Mr Abbott has thrown his support behind Member for Barker Tony Pasin, stopping at the RSL for a meet and greet with about 60 people on Monday.

He told The Border Watch that he supported Mr Pasin’s recent call for an inquiry into vaccine mandates.

He said should there be any future Royal Commission into the overall handling of the pandemic, mandates should be considered as part of the deliberations – despite labelling himself as ‘pro-vaccination’.

“I certainly got myself vaccinated as soon as I reasonably could but once we had 80 to 90 per cent of the population vaccinated I didn’t see what the fuss was about regarding those who – for whatever reason – chose not to be vaccinated,” Mr Abbott said.

“The last thing we should ever have had is a system of vaccine apartheid where those who were vaccinated were members of society and those who weren’t, in many cases, were sacked from their jobs.”

The former Prime Minister also spoke about the Coalition’s campaign in the lead up to the 2022 Federal Election, stating it was never easy winning a fourth term in power.

“It is particularly difficult to win a fourth term when you have had to manage challenges as difficult and unprecedented as the pandemic, deteriorating global security and the very serious East Coast bushfires, all of which I think Scott Morrison has handled as well as could be expected under the circumstances,” he said.