Margie’s big day in May

COMMITMENT: Margie Winterfield will be honoured in May for her work with the local RSL.

Jeff Huddlestone

MOUNT Gambier’s Margie Winterfield has an important vice-regal appointment in Adelaide next month.

She will be among recipients of this year’s national Australia Day awards, when she was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia.

Her medal will be conferred by South Australian Governor, Her Excellency Frances Adamson in a ceremony at Government House on Thursday, May 5.

That moment will be the culmination of national recognition of and thanks for Mrs Winterfield’s service, to be witnessed and shared by several invited guests of her choice.

The OAM appointments of Mrs Winterfield and Millicent’s Garry Davis were reported by The Border Watch in January.

Mrs Winterfield was awarded for her service to veterans and their families, spanning more than 30 years, but it came as quite a surprise, but an honour none the less.

“I am just a little honest person who works without worrying about rewards,” Mrs Winterfield said.

“It is nice, but I do not do the job for that.”

Mrs Winterfield has continued her long involvement with the Mount Gambier Returned and Services League (RSL).

She has been president of the ladies committee for the last 33 years, on the general committee for a decade, and in charge of catering for a range of events at the RSL in Sturt Street.

Her late husband Robert was a veteran and a former president of the local sub-branch.

It is Anzac Day on Monday and Margie has been reflecting on what the day means to her.

“I think it is one day when you can honour those who have gone to serve and have passed away and for what they have done for the community,” she said.

“Without them doing what they did, we would not be here.”

Mrs Winterfield is impressed with the growing respect shown by the younger generation in recent years.

“There are more younger ones that you see around here on Anzac Day,” she said.

“It is really great, we think it is wonderful.”

A number of commemorative events and sports medal presentations arranged by the local RSL have been underway since Wednesday.

And Anzac Day is going to be a 5am start for Margie, with the club hosting breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

She has been planning the event for the past two months, for the long but enjoyable day.

Apart from the RSL, Margie is also the Chief of the Caledonian Society, of which she’s been a member for 50 years, and she is also involved with Legacy.

She takes pride in the fact that her family is local.

Mrs Winterfield recommends volunteering to future aspirants.

“I think they should do what they love to do for people,” she said.

“You don’t need pats on the back all day.

“You just do what you have to do.”