Cross-border community resilience praised

COMMUNITY PRAISE: Glenelg Shire Council elected members.

IT IS fair to say that the past 15 months have seen some of the most turbulent times we have faced in our modern history, with a complete disruption to our daily lives.

However, the challenges many of us have faced have been nothing compared to our cross-border residents, who arguably have been the most greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in regional Victoria.

For our Shire residents living in areas such as Nelson, Dartmoor, Mumbannar, Strathdownie, Casterton, border controls have imposed barriers to work, education, healthcare, and support services, visiting loved ones or even to do regular grocery shopping.

The whirlwind of emotional pain and financial stress has been profound and nothing short of heartbreaking.

As a council we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge our cross-border residents and their unwavering resilience in times of this ongoing adversity.

We are incredibly proud of your strength, determination and most of all, your community spirit.

During these difficult times there has always been an overwhelming show of support to help one another, highlighting the generous nature of our community.

As border controls continue to change, our cross-border communities continue to lead by example, updating their permits just to go to and from home.

We will continue to advocate at a national level for localised approaches to containing the virus.

We want to ensure our residents can continue to go about their lives, access their regular work, education and services and not be locked out of South Australia. 

To our cross-border community members, we reflect on all that you have overcome throughout 2020 and 2021.

Your strength in face of ever-changing challenges has been inspiring.

Glenelg Shire Council elected members