Climate concerns

NEWLY elected Robe councillor Peter Riseley recently used his final monthly mayoral message to repeat his oft-stated concerns on climate change.

“It is in my opinion the greatest threat to humanity,” Mr Riseley told the October monthly meeting in what was one of his final public appearances as mayor, opting to pursue a councillor role over the 2018-22 period.

“In reality it is World War III and it is now … it will profoundly change the world as we know it.

“Climate change will include extinctions of many species, displace millions of people and be the death of thousands.

“The emphasis is on state and local government to respond, as there is a complete failure at the federal level.

“Canberra-based lobbyist interests overly influence major parties and policy vacuum results.

“Nothing will change until individual voices unite and present a clear and decisive message to Canberra.”

Mr Riseley said the community was a great source of support and encouragement during his eight years as mayor.

“It is now time to make way for a person more able to provide the 120pc the role requires and the community deserves,” he said.

“There are many to thank, starting with the elected members.

“They have dedicated time and made the many decisions to guide and manage our community.

“Over the past four years the Robe District Council has achieved the many necessary projects and facilitated initiatives within the strategic plan.

“There are always a few aggrieved individuals that have differing priorities or project options, however council has focused on the common good and done its best to serve the community.”

Mr Riseley expressed his thanks to all staff and especially chief executive Roger Sweetman and childcare director Robyn Paterson.

“Robe would not be the place it is without the host of amazing people that contribute to the many and varied community organisations, from Lions, RSL and CoastCare through to the Country Fire Service, SA Ambulance Service and the many sporting groups.

“We are well served as a community.

“Over the past eight years if asked to list the high points, Australia Day and the honour of selecting the mayoral awards top the list.

“There are many more out there, but sadly it’s now for others to choose.

“Citizenship ceremonies always rank high as we welcome immigrants who make that decision to be Australian.

“Participating with the Robe Tourism and Traders during the Chinese Festival and the construction of the Pai Fang was also memorable.”

The mayor said he had strived to ensure council was represented at meetings with many different ministers.

“Within the Limestone Coast, Mr Sweetman and I have made a considerable and dedicated contribution to regional affairs,’ he said.

“As a result, Robe opinions are considered important, Robe is considered a valued and important partner of high profile.”

Mr Riseley previously served as a councillor from 2006-2010.