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LETTER: Nation could lead as superpower supplier

Heather Heggie, Naracoorte ECO services are valued at $125t per annum globally and GDP is $80t globally. Loss of wetlands, reefs and land is $8t per...
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Local environmental group congratulates legislative council on climate call

THE Limestone Coast Protection Alliance has congratulated members of the state's Legislative Council for voting to declare a climate emergency. Last week, a majority of...

Climate stance defended

MEMBER for Barker Tony Pasin defended his stance on climate change at the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) conference...
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Climatologist warns of rainfall decline

A NATIONAL climatologist has warned rainfall in the Lower South East is "dropping off a cliff" with climate change labelled the main culprit. Bureau of...
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Students join national initiative to protest for environmental justice

LIMESTONE Coast youths joined tens of thousands of their peers around Australia to protest for environmental justice on Friday. Around 100 people gathered at the...
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Spotlight shined on climate change

MOUNT Gambier theatre producer Jamie Harding is set to throw the spotlight on climate change through an innovative digital art project. Mr Harding - who...

Mayor signs off with warning

RECENTLY elected Robe councillor Peter Riseley used his final monthly mayoral message to repeat his oft-stated concerns on climate change. "It is in my opinion...

Climate concerns

NEWLY elected Robe councillor Peter Riseley recently used his final monthly mayoral message to repeat his oft-stated concerns on climate change. "It is in my opinion the greatest threat to humanity," Mr Riseley told the October[...]

OPINION: Money can grow on trees

I NOTE calls from the forestry industry to plant a billion new trees and the issue of water rights, plus opportunities for our most important industry.Carbon credits is a core issue and one recent and accurate estimate is that an[...]

Limestone Coast councils miss out on power partnership

THE largest national climate program for local government welcomed 35 new councils from across Australia last month, however no Limestone Coast councils were represented[...]

Critical decade for climate action

AUSTRALIA'S critical window of opportunity to tackle climate change is closing, according to a new landmark report from the Climate Council.[...]

Singing for change

CLIMATE change will be put in the spotlight this weekend as Mount Gambier's Mayfair Singers take part in the national Climate Choir event. Performing in...

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Beautiful finish on woodworking career

DAVID Wilsmore, 71, is pulling up stumps after a stellar 15 year career at Bedford Mt Gambier. Mr Wilsmore, who has a visual impairment of...