Exploring the depths: The Shaft

AS we cautiously drop into the depths, I glance up to see daylight shining through a small hole far above us, knowing it is the only […]

Sinkhole prime for diver training

KNOWN primarily as a training site among cave divers, Gouldens Sinkhole in Mount Schank has seen thousands of students explore its cold and normally murky waters […]

Coldest sinkhole a ‘hidden gem’

KNOWN among cave divers as the coldest sinkhole in the South East, Ela Elap is hidden in a paddock on private property in Mount Schank. At […]

Highway to underwater heaven

A UNIQUE sinkhole in the middle of a state highway linking Mount Gambier and Port MacDonnell has been attracting cave divers to the South East for […]

Natural underwater wonder explored

HIDDEN in a vast pine plantation on the outskirts of Mount Gambier lies one of the Lower South East’s most valued treasures – a picturesque waterfilled […]