Young girl speeds through fundraiser

FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Local girl Alexa Perry (left) has beaten her original goal of $500 raised for the Cancer Council after planning to cut off her hair for charity, while her mother Ashley Perry said she could not be more proud of her daughter. Picture: Elsie Adamo

By Tyler Redway

A LOCAL girl has smashed her goal to donate to the Cancer Council, vowing to cut off her long hair for charity.

Nine-year-old Alexa Perry managed to raise more than $500 in two days when the fundraiser started, with her mother Ashley showing constant support for her cause.

She has now raised over $1000.

Ms Perry said her daughter was inspired to donate an original goal of $500 to the Cancer Council after she told her that there were people who were losing their hair and unfortunately, their lives due to cancer.

“I was just talking about it, because she [Alexa] wanted her hair cut and I also work at a funeral home,” Ms Perry said.

“She wanted to cut quite a bit off and I said people can make wigs out of that so she jumped on board and thought it was a great idea.”

Ms Perry said she has been promoting the cause to the rest of her family and friends in hope to spread the word, as well as posting it on social media.

“My daughter is only nine so it’s also just to get it out and let her friends know that they can do it too,” she said.

“All the family is overwhelmed with support for her and she is just so happy to be doing it.

“Where I work has also supported her and they put in a bit of money as well.”

Ms Perry added that this was a wonderful cause and encouraged anyone to participate, saying that her daughter was so happy and checked the fundraiser every morning.

“It’s a good thing she has done and I’m really happy she has taken it on board,” she said,

“For a Year 3 student, she has done very well for herself.”

On her website, it shows that Alexa has now raised $1200 in total for the Cancer Council as of July 28, with the fundraiser still open to charitable donations.

Alexa’s cause can still be found on the Cancer Council’s website.