Students ready for Walk Safely to School Day

WALK TALL: Mil-Lel Primary School principal Michelle Hunt (centre) with students Lenny Cole, Hudson Clarke, Pipa Goldsworthy, Raven Hooper, Marlia Cole, Felicity Rennison and Paige Wreford are excited for Walk Safely to School Day. Picture: Sophie Conlon

Sophie Conlon

Students at Mil-Lel Primary School will join thousands of others across the country this week and take part in Walk Safely to School Day.

On Friday, May 10, students and staff will gather at the Mil-Lel Hall and walk together to their school along the recently opened shared path on Sherwin Road.

Year 2 student Hudson Clarke said he was excited to walk to school so he could exercise and because it was something out of the ordinary for him.

“And I have to go to cross country after,” he said.

“My mum normally drives me and sometimes I ride my bike.”

Year 1 student Marlia Cole said she normally rode her bike or walked to school and was also looking forward to the exercise.

She said she enjoyed using the new path for walking and riding.

The students were also looking forward to a special breakfast on their arrival at school.

“There’s toast, apricot jam, Vegemite, butter, strawberry jam, plum jam and Milo,” Hudson said.

Principal Michelle Hunt said the event would bring the school community together.

“It brings the students together as a community, it gives them a sense of belonging,” she said.

“It’s about their well being and their mental health and encouraging fitness for the children and the community.”