School holidays to start early

CATHOLIC and Independent schools across South Australia are expected to implement similar arrangements to the state’s public education facilities in Week 11, according to Education Minister John Gardner.

South Australian schools will become student-free in the week leading up to Good Friday with four pupil free days scheduled from April 6 to April 9 ahead of the school term break.

The Education Department is also currently developing options for vacation care during the pupil free days and school holidays to support parents.

“For those parents and carers who are able to keep their children at home, well supervised and in an environment of learning, we support this,” Mr Gardner said.

“We are providing support for those families through the Our Learning SA website – a key resource for families and educators across the state to assist in transitioning to remote learning. This resource will be built upon every day.

“Our schools, preschools and early childhood services do also need to remain available to support children of families in different circumstances, including people in our communities who cannot do their necessary work from home, along with a number of vulnerable children who need the opportunity to be supported at school.”

This decision was made to allow teachers to prepare a consistent learning platform for students after many parents had elected to keep their children home from school.