Athletes descend on Penola

Archer Virtanen


MORE than 400 students descended on Penola High School for the 76th annual Interschool Athletics Carnival.

Eight schools competed, with 40 students from the host school.

Although the overall results did not go in Penola’s favour, many of the students achieved personal-best times compared to the Penola Interhouse carnival, along with others competing in higher age brackets.

The next stop for the Penola students is Adelaide for the South Australia School Sport Athletics carnival.

Penola High School students who experienced individual success: Archer Virtanen, second discus, second shot put; Lilly Allen, second javelin; Cameron Perry, third long jump; Shandeen Balshaw, third hurdles; Lachlan Summers, third long jump; U14 Female Relay, third; Open Male Relay, third.