Anglers soak up conditions

BIG CATCH: Tim Carrison shows off a shark caught over the last week.

Jamie Coates

SOME lovely weather over the last week has been enjoyed by anglers right across the Limestone Coast.

I’ve seen plenty of pictures of some impressive fish, so let’s get stuck into the report.

Offshore fishos have found some nice sharks this week.

Wilbur and Carn from Southerly Fishing Charters have found their clients some nice school shark off Port MacDonnell, and some other nice bottom fish too.

Tim Carrison fished a couple of hours on Sunday morning off Blackfellows Caves and managed two nice sharks and a handful of good size terakhi and latchet fish.

Still no word on the tuna yet, but Portland and Victor Harbor are still going great guns, so it’s only a matter of time.

Surf fishos did well over the weekend, even with the breeze.

I heard of a few nice fish caught in the Canunda National Park from the old drain all the way through to the Oil Rig.

Salmon numbers in the day time have been fairly impressive, with fish to 2kg, while off an evening on fresh salmon fillets, the shark have been great.

Gummy and school shark have been caught, and even the odd bronze whaler.

Other areas have fished well also, a few anglers have fished Paradise and Green Point from the beach and have been bombarded with snapper to 55cm, which were all released safely.

There were a few salmon and undersize mulloway mixed in with them.

Guys targeting shark out around Danger Point have had mixed results over the weekend.

While some anglers found them without too much trouble, others had fairly quiet days.

The gummy sharks that were caught were around that 10kg to 15kg mark, making for an excellent fight in the shallow water.

There were still lots of snapper around in the same areas, and plenty of baitfish such as salmon and pike through there too, so I wouldn’t mind betting that the inshore mulloway aren’t far behind them.

Whiting fishos have continued their run of great numbers this week, all of the local hot spots have fished well again, which is good to see.

The Port Mac Breakwater, Carpenter Rocks and Beachport have been on fire for the boaties, while the land-based guys have done well at Cape Douglas, Blackfellows Caves and the Beachport Jetty.

Some fishos will argue that you need to burley up for whiting, and in some cases, they’re right.

But often when fishing shallow inshore areas, the burley can work against you.

Whiting can be a very shy and timid fish so if there’s a lot of competition for the food from bigger salmon or snapper, they’ll often hide away.

Next time you’re targeting whiting, just use your cockle shells as burley.

You might find you catch less other species and more and bigger whiting.

Freshwater fishos have still been catching some beauties.

Lake Charlegrark has continued fishing well for cod on chatter and spinner baits from the boats, while the bait fishos off the bank have done well on chicken strips and worms.

Rocklands has been good for yellas again this week, I’ve heard of some fish around the 1kg mark from the Brodie’s and Glendinning areas, all just by trolling around in the timber.

There has been some nice fish from the river this week.

Hayden Sneath and Greg Saunders found a nice patch of big bream and perch to 41cm each, along with mulloway to 82cm.

The Laslett’s area was the hot zone for those boys on the weekend, but we know how quickly it changes.

Charles Minge found a heap of nice bream on baits around the Dry Creek to Reed Bed area on Saturday.

Mark and Lyn Struthers also found some big fish around the same area.

I have heard of some nice perch from the upper reaches of the Glenelg over the past few weeks, but one angler did say there was a fair bit of colour in the water coming from upstream.

Hopefully there’s not enough to slow the fish down, but just enough to kick the bigger mulloway into gear.

There is a bit of breeze forecast for this weekend, but I don’t think it’ll be too much to handle.

The sea is settling nicely, so hopefully can wet a line.

Until next week, safe fishing!