Feiling it early

UNBEATEN: Subaru ace Simon Feil is shaping as the driver to beat in the South Eastern Automobile Club's 2021 Super Series. Picture: CURTIS BOYD

RACING has returned to SEAC Park with a near-capacity field of 45 drivers fronting up for the 2021 Super Series opening round.

Simon Feil has staked his claim as the driver to beat in the South Eastern Automobile Club-operated competition, powering his Subaru WRX five straight fastest times and a clean sheet for the event.

Sunday’s racing was a welcomed return for director Kevin Raedel and assistant Danielle Wiseman, who met all COVID requirements to ensure the race track could fire into action.

With a small band of officials controlling the track, racing got under way after a ballot draw to see who would be the first driver back on track after a lengthy hiatus with Nicholas Doll given the honours.

Battling a dry surface, drivers were forced to wait between runs to allow debris to settle and provide clear conditions for contestants.

The conditions proved ideal for four-wheel drive entrants, which had a large grip advantage over their two-wheel drive rivals.

It showed on the clock with Feil stopping the clock at 1:49.16 on his opening run, clear of Jason Winterfield (1:53.94), Adam Jesse (1:56.40), Stuart Gregory (1:56.75) and Dylan Gregory (1:56.78).

Joshua Becker got in amongst the pacesetters with his Mitsubishi Sigma and put in a good drive for a 1:57.16 in the first of the two-wheel-drives, followed by Doll in another Subaru with 1:57.81.

Geoff Wilson (1:57.91), Dion Becker (1:58.43) and Corey Brand (1:58.93) rounded out the top 10.

Feil (1:48.63) again topped the timesheet in heat two ahead of Stuart Gregory (1:52.63), Jason Winterfield (1:53.06) and Adam Jesse (1:54.00).

Geoff Wilson got into the action with the Peugeot 306 handling a bit better after a tyre change and filled fifth slot with a 1:55.25.

A gentle breeze was still helping to move the dust as drivers emerged for heat three and again it was Feil at the front, posting 1:46.53.

Dylan Gregory was almost five seconds behind with 1:51.25, just in front of Geoff Wilson (1:51.59).

Jason Winterfield’s 1:51.63 was enough to hold out Stuart Gregory’s Subaru Impreza (1:52.15).

Action resumed after a lunch break with Feil last out in heat four, making the most of the well swept race line to post a 1:46.41.

Jason Winterfield smashed a 1:49.69, followed closely by Stuart Gregory (1:50.18), Adam Jesse (1:50.41) and Dylan Gregory (1:51.68).

Conditions remained favourable as a drop or two of rain started to fall on windscreens as the last round took off.

Mr Consistent Feil recorded 1:46.75 to finish the day unbeaten.

Jason Winterfield also finished strong in his Subaru to finish with 1:50.03, edging out Subaru Impreza steerer Stuart Gregory (1:50.25), as well as Dylan Gregory (1:50.50) in the same car.

Luke Winterfield finished the day with outright 13th to be the best of the juniors.

Teresa Lipscombe completed her day in outright 29th to be the first female home.

SEAC will hold a motorkhana on April 18.

The venue is yet to be confirmed.


1. Simon Feil (200), Class W

2. Jason Winterfield (192), Class W

3. Stuart Gregory (188), Class W

4. Adam Jesse (183) , Class W

5. Dylan Gregory (180), Class W

6. Geoff Wilson (177) , Class D

7. Josh Becker (163), Class E

8. Nicholas Doll (158), Class W

9. Liam Lewis (150), Class B

10. John Whitehead (148), Class W