Green screen technology returns to library

MILLICENT High School students have embarked on an adventure to the ancient pyramids, escaped the dinosaurs of the Jurassic and surfed waves with new interactive visual […]

High school sweethearts wed

WHEN Clay started messaging Teagan in high school she thought he was showing off in front of his mates. Little did she know he actually had […]

Community honour for senior students

MILLICENT High School students Sally Sapiatzer and Ava Smith-Muhovics won an important annual competition for youth following the annual Lions Youth of the Year dinner in […]

ATAR success secured

A YEAR of intense study and sacrifice has paid dividends for Millicent High School’s Class of 2018, with students receiving their Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) […]

Prestigious honour for Millicent students

A ONCE unlikely candidate for Millicent High School’s highest academic honour has attributed her turnaround success to woodwork. School dux Kelsie Wilkinson was awarded the prestigious […]

Science projects take students out of classroom

STUDENTS from across the South East have pulled on their gumboots, grabbed their magnifying glasses and learnt “not all scientists wear labcoats.” Through science, technology, engineering […]

Conservation park project planted

THE Ewens Ponds Conservation Park underwent a rejuvenation afternoon last week when divers visited the area to plant water ribbons (cycnogeton procerum) at the site. Reef […]