November event well shot

TOP HONOUR: Mount Gambier Gun Club president Andrew Hoare congratulates high gun winner Isaiah Harris.

THE Mount Gambier Gun Club held its monthly competition on Saturday in favourable conditions.

With sunshine and only slight winds, shooters obtained some high scores and shoot offs were required to determine some winners.

The opening event was the 50-Target Balltrap Championship.

This is a rather difficult competition, but it was enthusiastically shot with competitors showing off their skills.

Gavin Height shot 49/50 to win AA Grade Isaiah Harris on 48/50, while Warren Lindner’s 48/50 won him A Grade over Ken Atkin with 45/50.

Scott Fleming shot 48/52 to narrowly edge out Kevin Mules on 47/52 to win B Grade and C Grade was easily won by Garry Allison with 45/50 from Peter Klieve on 41/50.

The 25-Target Club Single Barrel Championship event was shot exceptionally well.

The event had competitors trying to win points towards the yearly club aggregate award and in the end it was Andrew Hoare who won the overall and AA Grade honours with 25/26.

Daniel Robinson finished runner-up for the top grade, while Mark Fabris shot 22/25 to win A Grade from Mules with 23/27.

B Grade was taken out by Fleming on 23/25 over Robert Atkinson with 17/26, while Mick Rudd’s solid 21/25 had him outshoot Allison’s 20/25 to win C Grade.

A 25-Target Club Continental Championship was the final event for the day.

Again shooters were pushing for points towards the yearly club aggregate title, with Harris’ perfect score of 37/37 claiming the overall and AA Grade victory.

He was followed by Dane Hastings with 27/28, while A Grade was won by Ted Bond on 27/28 from Mules with 26/28.

Dale Robertson also had a perfect score, with his 25/25 edging out Fleming’s 24/25 to win B Grade.

A shootoff was required in C Grade, which was won by Klieve (29/31) from Rudd (28/31).

The high gun award was won by Harris with the day’s top score of 96/100.

The Black Crow Club gained a new member in James McKinnon and more supporters being Dennis Blok and Robinson.

The next competition will be the Christmas competition held on December 9.