Archers push the limit

ADDING UP: Dale Tschirpig calls the arrow scores while paul Freeman records them in the online Archers Diary App. Picture: SUBMITTED

THE most recent scores by Blue Lake Archers saw two narrow wins at the indoor venue, followed by a landslide win in the outdoor contest.

Both rounds of the Australian 18m metre Indoor Friday night went down to the wire, decided by the narrowest of margins in each.

Jeames Philp accumulated enough competition rounds to qualified for his initial Indoor handicap score rating after the first round and was able to utilise it in the second round. Ben Kilsby and Graham Lock shadowed each other throughout the evening to be the leading scorers, the pair separated by a single point in Kilsby’s favour at the conclusion of the first round.

The two front runners then continued flying in close formation in the adjusted scores into the second round, both finding a little extra accuracy, but with the same result, Kilsby again a one-point winner over Lock.

Sunday was perfect for outdoor archery.

Personal bests and scores above the benchmark littered the score sheets at the end of the day.

A pair of single-distance rounds, a 60-metre Grange and a 30-metre Geelong were the rounds on offer.

Louise Abbott headed for the 60-metre shooting line to take part in the longer range round and promptly picked up where she had left off the week before, including giving the handicap scoring system another big scare.

Abbott picked up an All Gold end along the way and concluded the day with a massive 238 points over what the handicap system had predicted to claim a landslide win.

Allan Oschar also pushed his score over the benchmark by 17 points, cashing in on his new Personal Best to be the runner-up.

Two other Personal Bests were recorded during the afternoon, with Kilsby and Freeman both moving their individual records upward into new territory.

Indoor archery continues at the Blue Lake Gymnastics Club, Malseed Park, Friday at 7pm, followed by outdoor archery at Corriedale Park from 12.30pm Sunday.

Australian Indoor 18 metre, Tound 1, handicap scored, benchmark 300 points: Ben Kilsby 298 (off the bow 295, score rating 102); Graham Lock 297 (282, score rating 85); Paul Freeman 292 (280, score rating 83); Dale Tschirpig 272 (198 , score rating 42); Garry Jacques 271 (230, score rating 53); Jeames Philp 105 ( off the bow only).

Australian Indoor 18 metre, Round 2, handicap scored, benchmark 300 points: Ben Kilsby 301 (off the bow 298, score rating 110); Graham Lock 300 (285, score rating 88); Paul Freeman 287 (275, score rating 78); Jeames Philp 282 (78 , score rating 10); Garry Jacques 271 (230, score rating 53); Dale Tschirpig 263 (189, score rating 39).

Outdoor rounds, handicap scored benchmark 900 points: Louise Abbott, Grange, 1138 (off the bow 776 score rating 80); Allan Oschar, Geelong, 917 (776PB score rating 50); Paul Freeman, Grange, 907 (804PB,score rating); Dale Tschirpig, Geelong, 899 (782,score rating 782); Ben Kilsby, Grange, 896 (851PB ,score rating 101); Callum Oschar, Geelong, 886 (602,score rating 24).