Pitbike trail ride leads to court

A MOUNT GAMBIER man who rode a stolen pitbike cross-town along the Mount Gambier rail trail walking path has received a home detention sentence.

Joshua Barona, 26, appeared at the Mount Gambier Magistrates Court on Tuesday for driving unregistered, uninsured, not authorised and with unlawful possession.

The prosecutor said Barona was seen riding down the Mount Gambier precinct on May 8 at 11.30am.

“The bike was a pitbike and was unable to be registered or insured,” the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor said Barona fell off the bike several times before being stopped by police.

“He wore a head scarf to hide his identity,” the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor said Barona allegedly stole the pitbike from a Kongorong address.

The defendant’s lawyer said Barona had a young family he would like to support.

Barona was convicted and fined $300 and was ordered to serve three months and four days imprisonment as home detention.

He was also ordered to pay $400 compensation to the victim.