THE festive season seems to have been dampened by a shower of border restrictions brought on by the State Government – although it may have been described as a cyclone by some.

Understandably there were many angry people about the State Government’s handling of border controls.

Those travelling into South Australia were required to have a Covid-19 test within 72 hours of their arrival into the State – unfortunately, their first five hours was in a car park waiting to be tested.

Knowing the hurdles of the testing regime in place in SA until Tuesday, many holiday makers cancelled their visit to our State – costing our local hospitality and tourism industries dearly.

Unfortunately, the State Government has let many down by not resourcing its own testing regime at an appropriate level but as the storm clouds cleared the State Government saw the light as patience was wearing thin even from the most conservative natured people.

This of course is a worrying sign for a government only months away from a State election.

There is a group of people who have not let us down and that’s the health workers that have been at the frontline of this pandemic.

While we have every right to punish our politicians at the polling booth, we must respect our health workers and thank them for the service they provide within resources.

In addition, as most of us enjoy a Christmas break, our emergency and essential workers will be working, or on call, looking after our communities.

A special mention also needs to be made acknowledging the commitment and dedication of our many volunteers over the festive season.

Whether it’s our Country Fire Service, State Emergency Service volunteers or our local service clubs, we thank you all and wish you a very Merry Christmas.