Search for lost bag on region’s roads

SEARCH CONTINUES: A pannier, like that lost by Rob Humphries during his recent trip to the Limestone Coast.

I BEG your indulgence to ask for assistance from your readers.

On Friday, March 19, I rode into Mount Gambier on the final leg of a two-week holiday.

During my time on the road in South Australia, I spent a considerable amount of time researching my family history.

On my last afternoon in the area I thought I would visit some of the localities my relatives had been associated with in years past.

I rode to Millicent and from there via the “interesting” Mile Hill Road onto Glencoe for lunch.

Afterwards, I travelled to Kalangadoo via Kangaroo Flat Road and back to Mount Gambier via Nangwarry Road and the Riddoch Highway.

I was dismayed to discover when I returned, that both of the panniers has fallen off my bike somewhere between Glencoe and Mount Gambier.

I immediately reported my loss to Mount Gambier Police.

Thank you Leanne for your empathy and understanding.

I would also like to thank the lovely ladies at Glencoe and Kalangadoo post offices, who agreed to keep their eyes and ears open.

My biggest thanks and gratitude go to David Wiltshire, a local gent who had picked up one of the bags.

It was the one I really didn’t want to lose as it contained my camera, iPad and all my research notes, among other things.

He found my phone number in the bag and called me.

The bag and I were swiftly reunited.

David, thank you again for your honesty and kindness.

It now remains to see if another kind soul can reunite me with the other lost bag.

I was fortunate during my travels to encounter many good people, view some brilliant sights and have many memorable experiences.

I hope that your good readers can provide one more piece of good fortune.

Should anyone have found the bag, please take it to Mount Gambier Police Station.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Rob Humphries,