Drag queens roll into town

DRAG EVENTS: Le Haus of Butt drag queen Steven Hateley has often hosted bingo in Mount Gambier as Clitzy von Teaze. Picture: file.

THE Western Tavern is getting ready to host a travelling drag bingo show this week, garnering mixed responses from the community.

Coast to Coast Drag Queen Bingo, originally from Queensland, has booked a slot at Mount Gambier’s Western Tavern for a night of raunchy comedy and bingo.

Western Tavern venue manager Sara Opie said it was all a bit of a surprise to her, but there had been a very positive response from the community so far.

Ms Opie said she received a message from her previous area manager telling her about the show, then it “just snowballed from there”.

“Last count, we were up to 70-odd tickets sold since they went on sale, so we’re looking like it’s going to be a fairly packed-out event,” she said.

“It looks like it’s going to go gangbusters here.

“So far, it has been very positive – a couple of people are a bit what the hell, but for the most part it’s something different.”

Le Haus of Butt drag queen Steven Hateley, otherwise known as Clitzy von Teaze, said Mount Gambier’s queens were initially shocked to find out there was a show coming from another region, but added it was great drag queens wanted to come here.

“And that’s actually good, so does that say we’ve put it on the map somewhat or we’re on the radar?”

Mr Hateley said he and Le Haus of Butt would love to work with the Western Tavern in future to bring more drag performances to the community.

“I understand they have quiz nights and stuff there, and hosting stuff like that is what I do,” he said.

“If they’re interested in having more of that sort of thing, that’s something the whole Le Haus of Butt would love to hear about.”

He said overall it was very positive to see how the community seemed to be getting around drag.

“It’s [drag] taken off into this massive thing and it’s good in some senses because you’re always going to sell out a show, we’ve never had a spare seat in any of the shows we’ve done here in Mount Gambier, which I’m really proud of,” he said.

Coast to Coast Drag Queen Bingo was contacted for comment, but did not respond by time of publication.

The drag bingo show will be at the Western Tavern on Thursday, January 19.