Royal Commission identifies problems

HERE TO HELP: Your Story Disability Legal Support lawyer Hiran Lecamwasam (front), Relationship Australia SA counsellor Birat Ghimire, Your Story Disability Legal Support Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement lawyer Sharon Lucas, Disability Rights Advocacy Service advocate Narelle Probert and Your Story Disability Legal Support lawyer Jack Anderson took part in the public forum this week to identify the main problems regarding disability services in the Limestone Coast.

Tyler Redway

DISABILITY advocates came to Mount Gambier on Thursday for a public forum about disability support in the region and provided advice to those who wish to make a submission to Disability Royal Commission.

Speaking with The Border Watch, Your Story Disability Legal Support lawyer Hiran Lecamwasam said the Royal Commission was so broad that it would impact nearly every segment of a client’s life.

“We have heard parents talk about how their children have been removed from their care because of their disability,” Mr Lecamwasam said.

“Even though the Royal Commission uses the words ‘violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation’, the terms of reference are incredibly broad so it can cover any type of mistreatment or discrimination that someone with a disability might have experienced.

“I think ultimately what it comes down to is trying to create a more equitable and inclusive society where people are treated with respect.”

Mount Gambier based Disability Rights Advocacy Service advocate Narelle Probert said a primary concern for the region was that services in the Limestone Coast were lacking compared to the cities.

“It may be allocated funding to build capacity through seeing physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists but we don’t have enough down here to service everyone,” Ms Probert said.

“The fact that families are having to travel with multiple children to Adelaide to get services is a hard task at the best of times.”

“For people in the metropolitan area, there might not be something in their suburb but there probably is in the next suburb over,” she said.

“I think it’s really important that people in the country are made aware of the Disability Royal Commission so they can raise these issues.”