Beautiful finish on woodworking career

MOVING ON: David Wilsmore said he really enjoyed the work he partook in but said it was time for the next chapter in his life.

DAVID Wilsmore, 71, is pulling up stumps after a stellar 15 year career at Bedford Mt Gambier.

Mr Wilsmore, who has a visual impairment of 95 per cent, supervised a tight-knit woodworking team at Bedford.

He was well known for his exacting standards on his own work, and for passing on his experience to the team.

Mr Wilsmore also encouraged a great work and social balance, introducing the Bedford social club which he ran for many years, providing funding for events and activities off campus.

He was rightfully proud of the projects and improvements made during his time at Bedford.

“One of the things I took on when I arrived was to improve the quality of the wine boxes we produce and I’m pleased to say they are now so good they’re almost industry best practice,” Mr Wilsmore said.

“I’ve loved my work but the time has come for me and my wife to enjoy the next chapter of our lives.”

Mr Wilsmore said he also had some insight for anyone looking to work at Bedford Timber Mill, and said people will work with a team which is continually trying to improve each job and work in with people with disability.

“It’s just a journey for everybody really. We’re all a team and that’s the main thing.”