Residents clean up this summer

WHAT TO DO: Signs at Waste Transfer Stations provide information for residents.

ATTENDANTS at Wattle Range Council’s waste transfer stations are reminding users to wear enclosed shoes.

Operated by Veolia, council has transfer stations at Millicent, Penola, Beachport, Furner and Glencoe.

Council’s Environmental Services Officer Kate Fife said wearing enclosed footwear had always been a condition of entry and site attendants were currently reminding users of this.

“Council and site attendants don’t want residents injuring themselves when unloading waste and wearing enclosed shoes is an important safety measure,” she said adding that a lot of heavy items, such as old fridges and washing machines, being recycled as scrap metal, had been deposited at the centres this summer with residents taking advantage of the holiday period to clean up their properties.

Ms Fife said council’s free green waste disposal program, run during October and November, proved popular.

“At Beachport, Penola and Millicent a total of 1,228 visits were recorded,” Ms Fife said.

This program allows residents to bring in green waste on trailers without using a waste disposal voucher.

The free disposal program aims to encourage residents to tidy up vegetation on their properties prior to the fire danger season.

The material is mulched and provided back to the public free as part of the council’s community mulch days.

Residents and ratepayers of the council are able to access the waste transfer sites for free using a valid waste transfer voucher.

Waste needs to be sorted so that only the minimum goes into the general waste bin.

This allows recycling of paper, cardboard, bottles, cans, concrete, timber, e-waste, batteries, green waste, scrap metal and engine oil.

Accepted materials differ based on the site location.

Check council’s website on prior to making the trip or email Veolia on or telephone Veolia on 8724 8121.