“Lovely day” at the races

TRAVELLING: Leanne Magraith and John Muskos travelled from Adelaide, as they do each year, just for the Coonawarra Vignerons Cup.

Charlotte Varcoe

IT was still a day at the races last Thursday despite the annual Coonawarra Vignerons marquee event being cancelled for the second year in a row.

Despite the change of plans, a large crowd still flocked to the Penola Racecourse for the 40th annual 36o Coonawarra Vignerons Cup.

The drawcard event was cancelled one week from the big day with some travellers still coming to the region for a holiday.

Leanne Magraith and John Muskos from Adelaide said they had been travelling to the region for the annual event for nearly two decades.

“We have friends from Victoria that we meet and travel with around the region every year,” Mr Muskos said.

“We usually come for the marquee because we are wine lovers and enjoy the atmosphere, however it was disappointing that it was cancelled for the second year in a row.”

He said they decided to attend the races regardless of whether the marquee event would go ahead.

“When we heard the marquee wasn’t going ahead we thought we would come along anyway,” Mr Muskos said.

“It was a lovely day but we did miss the atmosphere that came with the marquee.”

He said they loved coming to the region and made the trip into a weekend-long event.

“Over the years we have gotten to know some people around town so it is nice to be able to say hello to them each year,” he said.

“We do hope the marquee will be able to make a comeback next year.”