Support for international suicide survivors day

STANDING BY: Chris Spehr, Terry Lynagh, Tracey Wanganeen, Siobhan Tillett, Peter May, Leah Griffin , Linda Kuchel, Sam Benton and Anna Segreto all came together from a number of suicide and mental health support networks to recognise the day.

MANY gathered at Vansittart Park on Monday to remember those lost to suicide.

As part of International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, about 50 people came together in the late evening for the annual remembrance event.

Standby Support After Suicide program coordinator Tracey Wanganeen addressed the audience about the importance of remembering those lost to suicide.

Ms Wanganeen said it was also critical for those suffering to continue to reach out when in need.

“This year was the biggest crowd we have had yet and it has certainly grown over the past couple of years,” Ms Wanganeen said.

“I think the fact that more people come shows we are slowly breaking down the stigma of suicide and talking about it which is really positive.

“It is important that we grow the awareness of survivors and those left behind but also give them the chance to realise they are not alone,” Ms Wanganeen said.

She said throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, more people had begun reaching out to support services resulting in a decrease in suicide numbers.

“This is a positive because people are now more inclined to reach out for support,” Ms Wanganeen said.

Those in need of help are able to call Stand By Support After Suicide on 1300 727 247 or Lifeline on 131 114.