Greg Martlew: 1959 Standard Vanguard Phase III


Vintage English car enthusiast Greg Martlew has recently finished restoring his newest project, a 1959 Standard Vanguard Phase III.

The classic vehicle has a two litre engine and the owner believes its estimated value is between $6000 and $7000.

Car parts arrive from England in kit form and are then assembled in Australia.

“Another unique aspect of the car is its wet sleeve engine with most other vehicles having dry sleeve engines,” Mr Martlew said.

Mr Martlew said the cars sold well in Australia due to the country’s conditions and 1959 was the only year they were fitted with distinct tail fins as a fashion statement.

As the vehicle was suited to Australian conditions, owners continued to repurchase them, often trading them in and buying the next updated model.

The owner has resprayed the entire body and has completed an overall service, including the car’s hoses and its fuel pump.

Restoration to the front seat had been made by a previous owner and the car still has its original hub caps and trims.

If any parts are needed, they can be sourced from Melbourne or are available from England.

Mr Martlew has owned the vehicle for around six months and had his eye on the 1959 model for some time.

“I finally found the car online from Meningie where the owner had been restoring it and the previous owner before that was 94 and from Adelaide and no longer able to drive,” he said.

Mr Martlew is a part of the Mount Gambier Vintage Car Club and has his sights on taking the Vanguard to Kangaroo Island via a ferry for an upcoming car show.

“I have many admirers of the vehicle with many people commenting that their mother, father, grandfather or grandmother had once owned one,” he said.

Other vintage cars Mr Martlew owns include a 1984 XJ6 Series III Jaguar, a 1994 XJ Sport Jaguar, 1966 Humber Super Snipe, a 1956 Rover 90, a 1974 Rover P6B and a 1968 Austin 1800 Mark One utility.

Since Mr Martlew was a teenager, he has had a passion for English vehicles and owns the Greg Martlew Automotive Store in Mount Gambier, turning his hobby into a lifestyle.