Geoff Tilley: 1951 Ford Twin Spinner utility


This priceless 1951 Ford Twin Spinner utility has strong family ties in the Tilley family after it was passed on to its current owner Geoff Tilley by his father.

“My father bought the ute new from Haig Motors in Mount Gambier and he used it regularly on the farm,” he said.

Purchased for 1200 pounds ($2061) at the time by his father, the car was used for many demanding jobs as part of dairy farming, including feeding cows.

Mr Tilley has now had ownership of the classic vehicle for around 30 years and said he has developed an obsession for restoring it to perfection.

When the ute was bought by Mr Tilley he made a number of exterior restorations which included some body work and an entire paint job.

One of the car’s distinct and unique features is its original flat-head V8 engine.

The vehicle has travelled 93,000km and Mr Tilley said he checked it regularly to be sure not to miss its upcoming 100,000km milestone.

“The car lives more of a relaxed life now after doing most of its hard yards out on the farm,” Mr Tilley said.

He said for its time the vehicle was highly sought after, but has now become a vintage treasure.

Mr Tilley uses it on occasions around the city and has driven it as far as Naracoorte without any hassle.

“If any of the vehicle’s parts need to be replaced, they can easily be sourced,” he said.

One of the most memorable events in the Twin Spinner’s time with the family was its involvement in Mr Tilley’s daughter’s wedding held in Torquay.

“The car was used as my daughter’s wedding vehicle, which was a special moment,” he said.