Community takes advantage of wellbeing centre facilities

Tina Mowbray  TBW Newsgroup
ALL SMILES: Tina Mowbray takes a splash yesterday. Pictures: SANDRA MORELLO

Collen Faulds (1) TBW Newsgroup
RELAXATION: Colleen Foulds enjoys the hydrotherapy pool at the Boandik’s Community Wellbeing Centre.

BOANDIK’S hydrotherapy pool continues to make a splash in the community as people take advantage of the facilities at the newly opened Community Wellbeing Centre.

The hydrotherapy pool is now open for public use and considered a safe environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

From those who want to improve their fitness, mobility or for rehabilitation, the hydrotherapy pool is considered key community infrastructure.

Boandik chief executive officer Gillian McGinty said the facility was popular among the community and was now open between 9am and noon.

“We have really strong demand. Anybody who wants to come in outside of those hours, we can extend those hours,” Ms McGinty said.

She said the provisional hours were part of a transitional plan to get the facility fully operational.

Ms McGinty said the facility was safe to use during the current health climate.

“Some people have been a bit fearful about using the facilities during COVID-19, but there is really strong evidence that pools are a safe environment because of the chemicals in the water,” the aged care facility chief said.

She said social distancing was also being rolled out in the new facility through restricting the number of people using the pool.

“We are also doing additional cleaning and making sure infection control processes are followed in the change-rooms all the time,” Ms McGinty said.

She said it was important people continued to exercise and focused on their health during the coronavirus situation.

“Some people who exercise in the pool cannot actually exercise anywhere else, they cannot go for walk. Their conditions prevent them from doing exercise on hard surfaces.”

Ms McGinty said the feedback from the community had been positive.

“We have not had any negative comments about it. Everybody says how much it benefits them and is helping with their pain management, mobility and sleep,” she added.

“A lot of people are saying they sleep a lot better after they have been in the pool.”

The organisation has also foreshadowed opening up the pool in late afternoons/night for a trial period so people could use it after work.

Ms McGinty said the opening of the pool was a major milestone given Mount Gambier did not have access to hydrotherapy.

Bookings can be made through a link on Boandik’s website or by calling the organisation.