Solid season break to lay foundation for bumper Limestone Coast season

David Galpin  TBW Newsgroup

David Galpin TBW Newsgroup
RAIN COME AGAIN: Penola farmer David Galpin checks his the amount of water he received last week, happy with the results he still wishes for more.

PENOLA and district received some welcome rain last week, with rainwater tanks filling and pastures turning a deeper shade of green.

More than 22mm was recorded in Penola and Coonawarra region over the week, with Mount Gambier receiving 32.2mm and 16mm falling in Naracoorte.

Penola-based farmer David Galpin said although the rain was a fantastic start to the season, more was needed to help farmers and stock through the winter.

“Overall the rain is money in the bank for farmers across the entire region,” Mr Galpin said.

“It is the normal time when our season breaks and we have been very caught up in everything surrounding the coronavirus the weather has been forgotten a little bit.”

Mr Galpin said although the Limestone Coast had a good end to the spring season, the past few months had been extremely dry.

“We have been getting around 2 to 4mls of rain, but a lot of it is going straight over us and falling in the middle of Victoria,” he said.

“This rainfall opens us up for the whole of the season and if we do get a good opening it will make it so much easier for the season overall.”

Mr Galpin said the region required good rain to fall soon in order to produce feed before it gets too cold and wet.

“The sooner we can get green grass, the less we have to hand feed our stock and the better they will do throughout the season,” he said.

“If we don’t get enough green grass before the cold and wet of July and August we will struggle to get through the winter.”

According to the Bureau of Meterology, rainfall in April was average across the region’s agricultural district compared to last year, which was considered as dry.

Last week’s rainfall was slightly above average in numbers, with an above average rainfall forecast for the next three months.