Repeated offender jailed for traffic chargers

A MOUNT Gambier man with a long history of traffic offences has been sentenced to five months and 13 days imprisonment after he was caught driving disqualified in the early hours of a recent Wednesday morning.

Christopher Sumner, 46, appeared in police custody in the Mount Gambier Magistrates Court to be sentenced for driving disqualified.

The prosecution said the defendant was stopped driving at 12.07am on October 3 on Jubilee Highway West.

He was breath tested and returned a positive result of .082.

Checks revealed he was also disqualified from driving and he was arrested by patrols.

When interviewed, the defendant said he had bought the vehicle for a small fee and was planning on taking steps to get his licence back.

Sumner’s explanation for driving was he was moving personal belongings to a new place of residence.

He also revealed he had four long-neck beers between 8pm and 10pm.

The defendant’s lawyer said his client’s lease had expired and he had to vacate the property he was living in.

“He secured short-term accommodation and that is still available to him if he is granted bail today,” the defendant’s lawyer said.

“He did not have anyone to help him move.”

Magistrate Teresa Anderson was not impressed with the defendant’s behaviour and indicated there was a high risk of him serving another term of imprisonment.

“You have not learnt how to calculate how much you have had to drink before you drive,” Magistrate Anderson said.

Sumner was sentenced to five months and 12 days imprisonment.

He was also fined $900 and disqualified from driving for six months.

Sumner will also have to pay impound costs of $1039.40 and a further $200 fine for driving an unregistered vehicle.