Market report

Yarding: 1255 Change: -2496 Lamb: 1133 Change: -2190 Sheep: 122 Change: -306


Wednesday, January 12

Numbers fell sharply as agents offered 1,133 lambs and 122 sheep to total 1,255 head overall.

These sold to most of the regular field of trade and processor buyers along with a small number of active restockers.

Quality was very mixed over the pens as the market sold to better rates this week.

Light lambs reached $128 to the trade with restockers active here from $70 to $120 and from $149 to $169/head for those showing more condition.

Tradeweight lambs were scarce as they made from $175 to $192 at around the 750c/kg cwt with a small number of heavy lambs, both shorn and unshorn, ranging from $194 to the market high of $226/head.

Hoggets made from $120 to $156 as light sheep returned from $80 to $124 with the heavy sheep making from $140 to $156/head.

Yarding: Change:


Wednesday, January 12

Numbers eased as agents yarded 586 head of liveweight and open auction cattle.

The regular field of trade and processor buyers were represented with restocker and feeder orders also active over the offering.

Quality was generally good across the pens with the market selling to dearer rates this week.

Vealer steers to the trade ranged from 470c to 552c to lift 12c with similar heifers making from 513c to 570c/kg. Feeders were active on steers from 400c to 541c and on the heifers to 552c/kg.

Restockers sourced lighter steers up to 559c and heifers to 572c/kg.

Yearling numbers were small with processors operating to 438c on steers with most of these going to feeders from 418c to 535c/kg.

The heifer portion to the trade ranging from 450c to 524c with feeder activity to 512c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks were also small in number as they returned from mainly 480c to 490c with an isolated sale to 542c/kg.

Feeder activity ranged from 468c to 492c/kg.

Grown heifers made from 410c to 494c as manufacturing steers ranged from 350c to 388c/kg.

Heavy cows made up a large percentage of the offering to be 15c better in price as they returned from 300c to 355c with lighter types selling to 306c with feeders active from 245c to 308c/kg.

A handful of heavy bulls made from 300c to 320c as lighter types made from 498c to

516c/kg to feed on.

Yarding: 1160 Change: -3679 Lamb: 662 Change: -3429 Sheep: 498 Change: -250


Tuesday, January 11

SHEEP and lamb numbers fell sharply as agents yarded just 662 lambs and 498 sheep for a total of 1,160 head overall.

These sold to a small field of active trade and processor buyers with a small number of restockers.

Quality was very mixed with very few lambs with weight coming forward with insufficient numbers to provide an accurate quote.

Light lambs to the trade made from $76 to $118 with the light weight trade 2 and 3 score types making from $125 to $148 as restockers turned some Merinos back out from $75 to $92/head.

Trade weight lambs were scarce as they made from $151 to $180 at an average of 725c/kg cwt with only a couple of pens of heavy lambs with these making from $208 to $220 with an isolated sale to a butcher of 9 lambs at $240/head being the market top.

Hoggets ranged from $110 to $180 as light sheep made from $85 to $112/head.

Heavy sheep made from $120 to $160 with an isolated sale at $190 as rams made from $63 to $128/head.

Yarding: 214 Change: -391


Tuesday, January 11

NUMBERS fell away as agents yarded 214 head of liveweight and open auction cattle, following the restrictions of Covid-19 in the local area and effects on the associated chain.

These sold to a slightly larger field of trade and processor buyers, with not all of these being active over the mixed quality offering.

The market sold according to the quality on offer with some mixed results.

Vealer steers reached 542c and heifers 520c/kg.

Yearlings made up the bulk of the penning with the trade active here from 470c to 490c on steers, and on heifers from 480c to 520c/kg.

Feeders sought steers from 402c to 501c, and heifers to 455c/kg.

Restockers operated from 460c to 520c on steers and from 432c to 592c/kg on the heifers.

Grown steers made from 375c to 395c/kg.

Heavy weight cows returned from 300c to 334c/kg.

The lighter types made from 240c to 280c, with some feeder activity from 312c to 330c/kg.

Heavy weight bulls made from 300c to 320c, with the light weight lots making from 395c to 465c/kg.


Thursday, January 6

AVERAGE $/kilo $4.59, average $/head $1,915.50, total sale $970,258.30.

Agents yarded 501 liveweight cattle and a single open auction cow at the Millicent Saleyards on Thursday, January 6, the first sale for 2022.

This was a decrease in 120 head on the previous yarding.

The yarding consisted of an excellent run of young cattle.

This was offered to the regular processor buying field, with spirited bidding from feeders and restockers for lighter cattle.

Vealer steers sold from 442c/kg to a top of 620c/kg and heifers at 350c/kg to 490c/kg.

Yearling steers sold from 410c/kg to 570c/kg, with heifers ranging from 340c/kg to 518c/kg.

Only four finished steers sold from 320c/kg to 402c/kg.

A single grown heifer fetched 400c/kg.

Less than fifty cows were offered.

Light cows returned 200c/kg to 309c/kg with heavier cows selling from 240c/kg to 345c/kg.

Nine bulls were offered, returning 280c/kg to 354c/kg.

The next Millicent Market will be held on Thursday, January 20, beginning at 9am.