Webinars dig deep into soils

DIGGING DEEP: Limestone Coast Landscape Board chair Penny Schulz.

HEALTHY soil will be the key focus of a webinar series hosted by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, with landholders, primary producers, advisors and people with an interest in land management encouraged to take part.

The five-part series will delve into topics such as soils of the Limestone Coast, what makes fertile soil, soil carbon and biology, clay and sandy soils.

The Limestone Coast region features 62 different types of soil, with 59pc of these considered key soils such as sandy or clay soils.

Through the understanding of soils and their constraints, landholders can make effective on farm decisions resulting in a boost to their bottom line.

“The webinars and workshop are a key step in the Limestone Coast Landscape Board supporting primary producers to increase production in balance with sustainable management of resources and our

Landscape,” board chair Penny Schulz said.

“We are encouraging anyone who is involved with soils in the region to consider the various topics the workshops will cover and register their interest,” she said.

“The soil events and webinars, which are free for all participants will feature presentations from highly respected speakers on healthy soils with a focus on the particular soils of the Limestone Coast. “

Visit www.landscape.sa.gov.au/lc for registration of interest and more information.