Time to learn music

NEW TALENT: Musician and Dale Cleves employee, Tom Wilson encourages beginners to pick up an instrument.

Tyler Redway

LEARNING to play an instrument has become more popular during the pandemic, according to staff at Mount Gambier’s Dale Cleves music shop.

An experienced musician, shop employee Tim Wilson said the pandemic had given people extra time to explore new things, including music.

Mr Wilson said questions about tutors and music teachers have become common at music stores with at least “a couple of people a day” asking him for advice about advanced music teaching.

While the live music entertainment business has been hit hard by the Covid-19 restrictions, Mr Wilson said business for Dale Cleves has improved due to the lack of other activities.

“It has definitely improved, with people being in lockdown or not being able to go out and do things, so they pick up an instrument,” he said.

“A lot of people have started learning the keyboard or guitar out of not having much to do.”

Mr Wilson encouraged people to support live musicians through the pandemic by purchasing merchandise and albums from local bands.

“We talk to a lot of musicians in here and they’ll have gigs lined up excited to play again, but then some other law will be passed like not being able to stand and drink then the venue will just cancel the gig,” Mr Wilson said.

“During this time, listen to their music on streaming services or wherever it may be and maybe if you can buy their merch or their CDs then you can support them that way,” he said.