Mixed conditions test shooters

HIGH GUN: Winner Andrew Hoare presented his award by Brian Spring.

THE Mount Gambier Gun Club held its monthly competition on Saturday in a mix of sunny and overcast conditions.

Wind gusts with an occasional shower and fading light later in the day did not deter the good rollup of 45 shooters obtaining high scores.

The opening event was the the OG Roberts and Co 50-target Balltrap Championship, which was enthusiastically shot as the targets are faster and thrown in greater angles, showcasing the expertise of the competitors.

Ted Bond won AA Grade with a score of 41/50, while Dougal Simson (47/50) won A grade from Andrew Hoare (51/55).

Surasak Pienudomkijlert (46/51) just edged out Darren Murrell (45/51) to win B Grade and Robert Marcato (42/50) won C Grade from Heather Ryan (42/52).

The Bucik Tyrepower 25-target pointscore championship was well shot with a few of the shooters attaining some high scores resulting in shoot-offs.

With a top score of (107/108), Greg Kessegian, after a shoot-off, eventually out-shot Surasak Pienudomkijlert (106/108) to win AA Grade, while Dale Robertson (76/81) won A Grade after a shoot-off from Matthew Robinson (73/81).

Scott Fleming (73/75) convincingly won B Grade from Daniel Ashby (64/75) and Frank Kentish (71/75) easily won C Grade from Peter Klieve (65/75).

The Baxter Hire 25-target Club Continental Championship was the last competition and being a difficult event, was shot well in the failing light.

Three shooters shot perfect scores and after a shoot-off Gavin Height (53/53) emerged victorious to win Overall and AA Grade from Darren Beyer (52/53).

Heath Telford (25/25) just out-shot Robert Atkinson (24/25) to win A Grade, Mick Rudd (24/26) won B Grade from Andrew McKinnon (23/26) and Frank Kentish (23/25) won C Grade from Charles Wallis (23/25).

The South East Autotrade Highgun award over the three events went to Hoare with a score of (153/160) after a shoot-off with Gavin Height and Surasak Pienudomkijlert.

The next monthly competition will be held on Saturday, October 9.