Woman on a mission to support domestic violence victims

FOR many women, a handbag is among their prized possessions, but for those fleeing domestic violence or suffering homelessness, it is often a precious item left behind or lived without.

Millicent Community Learning Centre (MCLC) student Tara McNicol is on a mission to create change and give women in hardship something special to treasure – a handbag full of essential items, love and care.

The 19-year-old plans to make a total of 60 handbags and fill them with “useful goodies” including toiletries, sanitary items, food and coffee vouchers, cosmetics and other gifts.

Ms McNicol will donate them locally to services helping domestic violence victims, people experiencing homelessness and those in financial hardship.

HANDBAGS OF HOPE: Millicent’s Tara McNicol is calling for donations of handbags, toiletries and other essential items to help her make 60 bags for women in the community fleeing domestic violence, suffering homelessness and battling


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