Wizard of Oz Social Snapshots

MOUNT Gambier and district children had the opportunity to travel down the yellow brick road at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre this week.

Hundreds of children attended the Wizard of Oz interactive show, which proved to be a popular activity during the school holidays.

The event also included a workshop for aspiring pint-size actors, introducing children to elements of movement, voice and expression.

“This performance gives children the opportunity to perform on stage as munchkins and participate in a musical they may have only ever heard about,” Wizard of Oz program manager Christerine Laul said.

“At the beginning of the workshop, children were very shy and scared and did not know what to do, in the end they blossomed and embraced the stage.

“Each character holds their own message of hope that children will hopefully take home with them.”

The spin-off Wizard of Oz performance embraces the uniqueness of the original theatre production with Dorothy wearing silver shoes instead of red.

Hype Dance studio also featured in the “Tinman’s Rap” incorporating an element of dance throughout the musical.


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