Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace

ALTHOUGH the small-SUV market is flourishing in Australia, the redefined Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace has grown to include seven seats for the larger family, while still retaining the style that has made it so popular in its class.
Extended by more than 20cm, the Allspace creates room for either an extra two seats in the rear or extra storage space in the boot.
The test vehicle I reviewed for the weekend was the top-of-the-range Highline 140TDI diesel model.
With the slow decline of diesel vehicles available in the new car market, the 2018 model is the last of its kind and will be phased out in 2019.
The premium model boasts a host of safety features including pedestrian monitoring, driver fatigue detection and lane assist in addition to many others.
A stand out for me was the adaptive cruise control, a variant of a feature in many new vehicles on the market.
The basic idea behind it is the vehicle takes note of traffic flow in front and adapts to the speed to minimise safety hazards.
While many scenarios face drivers every day, you can rest assured knowing the Allspace will come to a complete stop without your assistance in an emergency situation.
Another handy feature is park assist, which will semi-autonomously parallel park the vehicle for those with minimal reverse parking confidence.
Being part of Gen Y means interior technology is a huge bonus in my eyes and the Highline does not fail to disappoint.
The 9.2 inch Discover Pro Infotainment system provides access for USB, phone and Bluetooth, while providing a quality sound.
A handy feature is the ability to change a track with the swipe of your hand in front of the screen, reducing the need to physically touch a button, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead.
The leather interior provides a touch of class, with the smooth ride certainly impressive.
Overall it was a pleasure to spend the weekend with the new Tiguan and is well worth a look for those interested an SUV family vehicle.

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