Virus control in community’s hands

Grant King TBW Newsgroup
TIME TO ACT: Regional health leader Grant King says now is the time to save lives.

THE regional community has been warned to stop being “reckless” as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to threaten lives across region.

Limestone Coast Local Health Network governing board chair Grant King yesterday made an emotional plea to the community to follow strict COVID-19 health protocols.

“I cannot stress this enough, the community needs to respond,” Mr King said.

Mr King threw down the gauntlet to the community at a press conference yesterday where authorities announced the region’s first COVID-19 confirmed case.

“We will get through this well if people take advice as it is being delivered,” he said.

But Mr King warned the COVID-19 juggernaut could have a devastating impact on the community if people were complacent over social distancing, hygiene measures and self-isolation.

“We will not get through this if people continue to be reckless and irresponsible,” the regional health leader said.

“I cannot implore enough that people take the responsible approach – do not harm your own community.

“Take the advice by the health professionals and act as you are being asked to.”

Mr King praised medical health professionals across the region for their response to this health crisis.

“I am incredibly grateful for what Ngaire Buchanan and all of her staff right across region are doing, it is a fantastic response and will alleviate when it needs to.”

He said it was also paramount to recognise all the work being carried out by the region’s medical fraternity, including general practitioners.

Mr King said he was buoyed regarding the collaboration under way across the region.

“As a community we need to be very pleased with the effort being made on our behalf.”

People are particularly being asked to restrict their movements at aged care facilities.

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