Thick fog clears for sunny winter’s day

Fog Morning 3  TBW Newsgroup
MISTY MORNING: Hay Drive on the Valley Lake crater’s northern fringe provided one of the best vantage points to watch the sun rise yesterday morning as a thick blanket of fog covered Mount Gambier.

MOUNT Gambier residents woke to a thick blanket of fog over the city yesterday morning, impacting visibility across the district.

While the fog eventually cleared to a pleasant 15 degree and sunny winter’s day, it did provide a stunning visual from the region’s high points, including the Crater Lakes precinct.

Much of the surrounding district was covered by the low-level cloud with several church steeples, phone towers and the upper half of Mount Schank among the other landmarks visible from above the fog.

The Blue Lake city’s sunny start to the week is forecast to continue until Saturday when rain is predicted.

While daytime temperatures will hover around the 15 degree mark, overnight lows are expected to dip as low as two degrees with the lack of cloud cover creating chilly conditions as heat is not easily retained in the atmosphere.

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