The Australian Kelpie Muster

THE Casterton Kelpie Association held the Australian Kelpie Muster in Casterton over the weekend.

The festival is held every year during the June long weekend with festivities this year opening on Thursday night and finishing up today.

The main events kicked off on Saturday morning with the Poet’s Breakfast and the Kelpie Country Street Parade.

Events throughout the day included the Kelpie Triathlon which incorporates a 50m dash, a high jump and a hill climb, in addition to sheep racing and kelpie pinball with Indian runner ducks.

During Sundays’ working dog auction, a black and tan kelpie sold for a world record breaking $22,200.

The dog was purchased by a local pastoralist, smashing the previous world record price for a working dog of $14,000.

Renowned dog trainer Joe Spicer also held a working dog school yesterday and will continue lessons today as part of the festivals last day.

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