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Winter temperatures plummet to near record lows

WINTER well and truly set in last week with communities around the Limestone Coast observing their coldest days in decades. Coonawarra was hit hard on...

OPINION: Doubts raised over ‘drier’ season as winter arrives

A SODDEN mat of multi-colour leaves lay across the grass like old wet carpet. Officially, it is day four of winter and rioting tree tops...

National flu shot shortage eases

SOUTH Australians are being urged to get a flu shot now as a national vaccine shortage eases, making it more readily available.[…]

Charity steps up to support region’s youths

THE feet of youth in the region will be kept warmer this winter thanks to a generous donation from a Mount Gambier charity. Charity Four...

Staff not stumped by yellow turf

YELLOWING turf at one of the city's prominent cricketing venues is no cause for concern, according to Mount Gambier City Council. The grass at Frew...

South East drenched despite dry forecast

WHILE the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a generally warm and dry winter, it seems the clouds above the South East did not receive the memo last week[...]

Heater safety warning issued as cold weather hits

SOUTH Australians firing up their heaters to escape the winter chill are being warned about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.[…]

Real estate team launches blanket appeal

AS MINIMUM temperatures hover around 10C this week, Mount Gambier's SAL Real Estate team has launched its second annual winter blanket appeal. The initiative will...

Winter worries on way out as spring arrives

SPRING has arrived with the promise of warmer weather following a cold yet unseasonably dry winter across the South East.[...]

Rain drenches city

AFTER one of the driest starts to winter on record in the South East, the past week had produced the most rainfall since March...

Dump contingencies implemented

MOUNT Gambier City Council has implemented a number of contingency measures to improve leachate management at Caroline Landfill following record levels of rain last June[...]

City caretakers clear autumn ‘fall out’ as winter hits

THE city's outdoor caretakers have had leaf blowers and rakes at the ready this month and will continue to clean up Autumnal debris late...

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