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Residents flush bad habits away

SEWER blockages have plunged by nearly half in regional South Australia amid residents heeding advice over flushing “pee, poo and toilet paper”. This follows a...
Kca Warehouse May 2020  TBW Newsgroup

Paper production at capacity

THE Kimberly-Clark Australia (KCA) Millicent Mill is about to enter its third month of operating at full capacity. Demand for its tissues and toilet rolls...
Kca Warehouse  TBW Newsgroup

KCA calls out for workers

THE Kimberly- Clark Australia (KCA) Millicent Mill is looking for extra workers in a response to soaring demand for its toilet paper and tissues. Production...
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Plumbers bogged down with blocked toilet call-outs

A MOUNT Gambier plumber has warned people must stop flushing tissues, wet wipes and paper towels into the sewer system as the toilet paper...
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Outbreak triggers toilet paper limit

RATIONING of toilet paper started at Woolworths yesterday morning in response to nationwide panic buying prompted by the spread of the coronavirus. Despite the production...

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