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Libs back advertising Bill

A BILL which could see cuts to State Government advertising in regional newspapers has received the support of the Liberal Party, despite attempts to...
Tony And Jodie Without Awards  TBW Newsgroup

Innovative technology monitors health from home to build ‘client confidence’

SOUTH East residents are benefiting from innovative technology that helps monitor their health at home in a bid to reduce the impacts of chronic...
Pat Muhovics And Shelley Husband  TBW Newsgroup

Hooked on craft

COMMUNITY members found their creative flair when they were hooked on a number of craft and crochet workshops throughout this year's Geltwood Festival celebrations.Held...

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Back in town to transform community gym

A NEW era dawns for the Millicent Gymnastics Club, with a full time coach and club manager appointed this week. Fiona McDonald will take on...