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Coonawarra vignerons launch fresh calls for speed cut along tourist strip

A HORROR crash along the Riddoch Highway has sparked renewed calls for an inquiry into the Coonawarra strip's speed limit. The latest call for a...

All eyes on trackside style

PUNTERS from across the country converged on Penola and Coonawarra last week to enjoy the 2019 Coonawarra Vignerons Cup. Both the Coonawarra Vignerons Marquee and...

Water cut halt sought

A PROMINENT Coonawarra wine industry leader has called on the state's environment department to halt planned cuts to the sector's water allocation. This comes as...

Early vintage

WARMER weather conditions in the region have potentially moved Coonawarra's vintage ahead by two weeks after what was expected to be a late start to the season.[...]

Coonawarra Cup countdown

ONE of the most hotly-anticipated events on the country race meeting calendar - the 2018 Coonawarra Vignerons Cup - was launched at Balnaves of...

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Wild ride rewarded with podium finish

IT has been a wild ride for Mount Gambier Wingless Sprint driver Mitchell Broome in recent weeks. Broome caused a fair amount of damage to...