David Miles Centenary Tower One  TBW Newsgroup

Pet snakes set loose at city lakes

EXCLUSIVE WHILE the great Centenary Tower python mystery has yet to be officially solved, a veteran snake catcher believes he may have the answer. Three pythons […]

Lapwing With Band  TBW Newsgroup

Grand old bird spotted in Millicent

THE world’s oldest masked plover may be living in our midst with a 20-year-old bird discovered at Lake McIntyre. The Masked Lapwing was spotted by avid […]

Family puts face to mystery name

THEY looked like four friends sharing a meal at the South Aussie on Wednesday, but Deanne Reedy was meeting Mack and Rosalie Hone Hone Tana and […]

More questions in search for answers

A HEADSTONE at Carinya Gardens Cemetery was the missing piece in a puzzle Deanne Reedy’s family had been trying to put together for four decades. But […]

Shock murder link

THE unsolved murder of a Mount Gambier man seven years ago has been linked to two separate murders in Adelaide. A forensic link between the three […]

Tourists decipher puzzling portrait

WITH squinted eyes and tilted heads, puzzled tourists are struggling to identify the mysterious pixelated face watching over the Blue Lake city. The fresh artwork featured […]