Sheep Truck  TBW Newsgroup

No more meat and greet

GRANT District Council has swept in tough new measures at the Glenburnie livestock exchange to safeguard it from a potential coronavirus lockdown. Essential staff, livestock agents, […]

Cafpirco Residents  TBW Newsgroup

Asbestos dump threat removed

COMPTON residents have expressed their jubilation a quarry operator has dumped plans to discard deadly asbestos material into its Cafpirco Road facility. The Sandyridge Holdings quarry […]

Grant increases festival support

GRANT District Council has stumped up additional funds to ensure a leading aerobatic pilot will take to the sky for the upcoming Port MacDonnell Bay Escape. […]

Richard Sage  TBW Newsgroup

Grant crews to help fire affected

GRANT District Council will send two volunteer crews to help recovery efforts in fire ravaged areas near Kingston and Kangaroo Island as part of a statewide […]